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Great recycling options at environment centre


I was recently looking for a way to recycle a couple of old phones and a friend recommended the Tairawhiti Recycle Centre.

This is a place everyone should use. It is located between the “Tool Shed” and “Traues” at 386 Palmerston Road. Going in I was stunned at the varied activities. At the back is a lovely paved garden where primary school children are taught about gardening, insect pests and helpers, and are allowed to pick the vegetables. There is a gazebo where the public can sit in the shade and have a cup of coffee.

Inside they happily accept old TVs, computers, printers, laptops and tablets etc for recycling. They take cellphones to be renovated and used in third world countries or broken up to collect precious metals.

I was amazed to see small boxes to collect bottle tops, plastic ballpoint pens, toothpaste tubes, all kinds of small batteries, suckies and coffee sachets (dry please). They take laptop and tablet batteries. It would be so much better to recycle these than send them to landfill.

In addition they have a lending library of rat traps, so if you have a rodent problem you can simply rent a trap for a short time.

There is so much more to see and learn that I recommend everyone call in, pick up a few vegetables and have a chat with Stephany, an enthusiastic worker there.

Tony Barnby