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Not so funny


If you've a mind to build a dunny

Out in Eastland, where it's sunny

You may find it not so funny

You could spend a heap of money

Despite what paper plans may say

There are factors here at play

That mean you will have to pay

In a most alarming way

Make your roof line smart and natty

But don't make it end up slatty

Rain blows in and folks get ratty

It makes their rear ends turn out tatty.

To recoup costs you could supply

Plates of good old Gizzy kai

Mussels, kina, paua pies

Gisborne wines for folks to try

But in the end, your fine creation

Is only meant for elimination

And despite your estimation

Could end in fiscal devastation!

So go to Trade Me on the net

A portaloo is what you'll get

About five grand should be the debt

And your toilet needs will all be met.

Lou Coster