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Let’s be open, candid


As a follow-up to the recent huge interest expressed in letters to the editor regarding the Endeavour models, will the GDC facilitate a conversation for community participation for citizens on all sides of the debate?

The issue of race relations and cultural difference continues to underscore and devalue the fundamental cornerstones of our community. Can we begin a journey together to discuss openly and candidly the things that bother us?

A forum for community consultation and participation is a good way to start.

What do others think?

“Kei a koe”, over to you!

Wally Te Ua

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  1. PJ Reed says:

    Placement or replacement of the Endeavour models isn’t really the problem that needs to be addressed. It’s a symptom of deeper more difficult problems encompassing our society. Inequity, unemployment, homelessness, race relations, drug and alcohol abuse, and family violence makes the placement of these models somewhat small in comparison. Finding an agreeable solution to their placement thereof or not shouldn’t let us forget the real Elephant in the room – the reconstruction of our society for the good of all.