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Log loading cranes change skyline at Eastland Port

Three new 465-tonne mobile cranes will improve safety, productivity at port.

It's not exactly downtown Dubai — the “crane capital” of the world — but the three new 465-tonne mobile log loading cranes have changed the skyline at Eastland Port.

ISO's third cane arrived from Tauranga and was unloaded on Saturday.

Work continues on setting up the big rigs ready to start operation.

The port logistics company hope to get the one from Tauranga up and running in the next couple of weeks and the other two some time later in December.

The cranes will load logs from the wharf directly on to ships, improving safety and productivity.

Picture by Liam Clayton

  1. Perry Anderson says:

    That’s why there is no rail, the knights of the Gisborne round table who dictate what happens in Gisborne prefer the port option over rail. It’s sad to see but that’s what happens in a small rural town like Gisborne.

  2. Pete says:

    What an eyesore!