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House bound for Tolaga

A four-bedroom house with a garage attached was moved from Aerodrome Road in Gisborne to Tolaga Bay last night.

The journey took almost three hours with an unscheduled stop outside Blitz Surf Shop on Wainui Road.

The large truck and house swiped the facade of the Blitz building, damaging signage on the front.

The woman who lives upstairs from the retail surf shop thought it was an earthquake and was left shaken, said Blitz Surf Shop owner Euan Nelson.

“They didn’t even leave a note,” said Euan, who had yet to hear from the removal company about the damage to his building.

The house lost it’s spouting in the collision.

The home was gifted to Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou (TRONPnui) from Kainga Ora and had come off a section in Kaiti. TRONPnui have been working to increase home ownership opportunities for whanau up the Coast.

Hastings House Removals Manager Carl Baker said the house was stored at Aerodrome Road in Gisborne until consents had been processed.

It arrived at Banks Street In Tolaga Bay around 10.30 last night in the pouring rain.

Mr Baker said by the end of the week the house would be on it’s foundations, on piles, and ready for a family to move into.

HOLD-UP: Traffic was backed up in both directions around 8.30pm last night when a four-bedroom home with a garage on its way to Tolaga Bay accidentally swiped the facade of Blitz Surf Shop on Wainui Road. The home is part of Te Runanganui o Ngati Porou (TRONPnui) initiatives to provide affordable housing for whanau. Picture by Sophie Rishworth