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Hawaiian please, but hold the bacon

This little piggy did not stay home . . .

It wasn't a porky but it was a pig.

Friendly bush pig Boris created quite a stir when he had night out in downtown Gisborne on Friday.

Dominos delivery expert Philly Haerewa was working a busy night shift when she walked straight past the pig outside the pizza restaurant.

“I stopped, turned around and was like: ‘Is that really a pig?'

“It was grunting and everything.

“I looked around to see if anyone was running and yelling ‘where's my pig?' People were running across the road but it was to see the pig. No one knew who the pig belonged to or where it had come from.

“When I got back from my deliveries people were buying pizzas just to feed the pig. It was very bizarre.”

A video posted to Facebook in the early hours of Saturday morning show Boris eating potato chips off the pavement outside Shipwreck Bar.

Boris is a pet bush pig raised by Gisborne man Fionn Thomas.

The Herald was unable to contact Fionn but spoke to his neighbour Diane Reilly.

“Boris is so friendly and gorgeous, and thinks he is a dog,” she said.

Boris was last night moved out to the country where is able to roam free.

Diane said whenever Fionn left the house, Boris wanted to follow him, which is what happened on Friday.

Fionn went to town for a few beers and Boris tagged along.

Fionn went for a drink at Shipwreck while Boris waited outside.

He had looked after Boris since a mate of his went hunting and brought back a baby bush pig a few months ago.

Diane said Boris quickly grew as Fionn and his neighbours fed him scraps.

“Boris became a little friend. He has grown so well. Fionn washed him every day.”

Diane recalled the day she found Boris in her house asleep on her dog's bed.

“Every time I checked the mail he would oink and squeal away.

“I would cut up an apple and feed it to him.”

A couple of weeks ago Boris went walkabout in Riverdale, was found and returned to Mr Thomas.

Boris will be enjoying the country life from now on but a Friday night out on the town again cannot be ruled out.

Disbelieving Domino’s manager Dan Tan takes a shot of the unusual sight of a pig that turned up outside the pizza parlour on Friday night. The pig turned out to be a pet called Boris, who was also spotted outside Shipwreck bar a few hours later while his owner was enjoying a beer inside. This picture was taken from the car of Dominos delivery expert Philly Haerewa and posted on Facebook.

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  1. Diane Reilly says:

    Have really enjoyed having Boris next door and will miss him, but he will be able to have a good life out on the farm.
    Nice write-up Sophie, thanks.