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Solid result at Mangahauhau

MANGAHAUHAU Hampshires at Hangaroa got all of their strapping young Hampshires and South Suffolk rams away to new homes yesterday in the stud's annual sale at the Matawhero saleyards.

It was another consistent auction for Mark and Rose Candy, with 15 out of 16 rams in their first four pens selling for an auction-high price of $1700, and the other for $1600.

Across both Hampshire and South Suffolk line-ups 62 out of 67 sold at auction, and the others sold immediately afterwards.

Auctioneer Andrew Holt from Carrfields said it was another very good presentation by Mangahauhau in what he called a “good, solid sale”.

“The South Suffolks showed really good carcase conformation and the Hampshires were true to type.

“The Candys were well supported by a good bench of regular buyers.”

Mark Candy said in welcoming would-be buyers and supporters that the stud was getting more and more technical every year.

“The scanning results have been consistent right through.”

Mr Holt said the Candys were always looking to improve.

“They breed tough sheep on tough country.”

“Treat them mean and keep them keen,” Mark said.

The top price for the South Suffolks was $1500, and the average across the whole sale was $1235, which was up on last year's sale.

Mark and Rose were absolutely delighted with the result.

TOP PEN: All four in the top pen at the Mangahauhau ram sale yesterday sold for $1700, and 15 out of 16 in the first four pens went for the same price. Picture by Murray Robertson
GOOD RESULT: From left, Ben, Rose, Mark and Matt Candy were well pleased with the result of their annual sale yesterday. Picture by Murray Robertson