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Pete’s final Bell Road sale

LONG time stock agent, auctioneer, all round ‘local character' and top bloke Peter McGrannachan held the last of his Bell Road auctions on Saturday.

Peter and his wife Judy intend to relocate to Christchurch later this year to be nearer their grand-children.

Saturday's final auction ended 26 years of sales on the McGrannachan's Bell Road property, where they've auctioned off all types of livestock, from chooks and ducks, to pigs, ponies and horses, to sheep and cattle. Then there have been all the myriad other items from cars and utes, tractors, farm machinery, tools, and household items.

As one auction supporter put it- “They've auctioned off just about everything. You name it, Pete's sold it in the monthly auctions.”

Long time fellow auctioneer, stock agent and mate Neville Clark helped with the auction lineup on the day, and he also paid tribute to the service Pete had provided over so many years.

Neville said it was the only sale of its type left in New Zealand.

“It's an iconic sale that has provided a monthly gathering of like-minded people to pick up something they might never use, because it's been more about the fellowship provided.

“It is a loss for the district. We had more than 100 people there on Saturday, and now that sale and fellowship opportunity has been lost,” Neville said.

“We live in a throw away world, and someone's junk is often someone else's treasure.”

For Peter McGrannachan it was a pretty emotional day.

“I did get a bit emotional to be honest. Neville and I have been mates for a long time. I have always liked him so much because of the humour he always brings.”

Pete said the auctions have been a lot of fun over the years. “I set out to supply a service to the small block holders wanting to sell their stock, and it grew into a real family event, along with the range of auction items that came up for sale.

“I'd like to think the auctions have been enjoyed by everyone who's come along.”

He will take part in his final stock sale at the Matawhero saleyards on December 3, and will feature in a profile piece in the Herald's Weekender the following day.

LAST HURRAH: The monthly Bell Road auctions run by long time stock agent and auctioneer Pete McGrannachan (centre at left above) came to an end after 26 years on Saturday. Pete's long-time mate Neville Clark (pictured above at centre) helped out with the selling. More than a hundred people (pictured) attended the last of the sales, where ‘fellowship' has always been a part of what made them special. Pictures by Ross Buscke
Bell Road Auction