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Station sales offer rare opportunity for farmers

TWO prized East Coast stations have gone on the market and the agents involved have said they present rare opportunities for sheep and beef farmers to scale up across properties.

Matanui and Huiarua Stations, inland from Tolaga Bay and Tokomaru Bay, offer a blend of grazing options and stock class combinations.

They offer a combined area of 6212ha spread across a range of country, including a significant area of rolling country, all well supported by a high standard of farm infrastructure.

Bayleys Gisborne rural salesperson Simon Bousfield said the properties of the scale and spectrum of Matanui and Huiarua present rarely available proximity, and access between boundaries provides potential for combined operation or single ownership.

“With almost 40 years of ownership by the current owners, these properties are a testimony to what good stewardship and careful re-investment can deliver, capitalising on the properties’ natural assets of generous rainfall and strong soils,” he said.

The 4912ha Huiarua station offers superior finishing country not easily found in all regions, including vast tracts of rolling, cultivatable country which has been subject to extensive improvement over the past years.

The adjacent 1200ha Matanui station has been operated as an intensive beef operation.

“Its 800ha of easy-medium country, reticulated water system and generous annual rainfall provide an ideal production platform, and compliment to neighbouring and extensive Huiarua station.

“As a complete package they provide plenty of working options under single ownership, while individually they are well positioned to stand alone, with the hard work done and major capital investments ensuring they can start paying their way from day one.”

The tender process for the properties closes on December 8, unless sold prior to that date.

FOR SALE: Sheep and beef farmers have a rare opportunity to scale up across properties with the listing of adjacent farms, Matanui and Huiarua, inland from Tolaga and Tokomaru bays.Picture supplied