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Follow the crop spray rules

WITH the arrival of Spring, Gisborne District Council will be checking growers follow the spraying rules so the health of the community and environment remain protected.

Environmental Protection and Services director Helen Montgomery said springtime means lots of sprayers will be out, and it's important the rules get followed.

Follow the checklist for both organic and conventional sprays when spraying:

* Landowners and contractors are both responsible for spraying safely.

* Know the rules, such as taking extra care around boundaries or water.

* Use an experienced certified GROWSAFE® operator.

* Notify people and use signs where required.

* Take care spraying near sensitive areas and buffer zones.

* Have a property spray plan as required.

* Watch weather conditions and adapt as needed.

SPRAY SAFE: The council has reminded croppers of their obligations when it comes to crop spraying, which ramps up with the onset of Spring. Follow the rules is the council plea, otherwise enforcement action might follow. File picture