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Breeding better beef

by Murray Robertson

A “Beef Day” at Whangara Angus on Monday, May 17 will be designed to accommodate all breeds of cattle and all aspects of the beef chain.

“It is a good initiative for the industry and hopefully will result in additional earnings for beef farmers wherever they fit in the chain,” said Guy Sargent from AngusPure.

“There are three keynote speakers covering the three key components of providing quality beef.”

Dr Amy Hoogenboom from Zoetis will talk about the power of using the right genetics and the appropriate use of genomics for both stud and commercial farmers.

Jamie Gordon from MacFarlane Rural Business in Ashburton will address the importance of farm management and feeding animals to produce the best results.

James Hadley from Alliance Group will produce evidence that if farmers use the right genetics along with the correct feeding regime and management, then their stock will qualify for higher-paying markets. What the consumer wants is the key.

“There will also be three short presentations from our sponsors,” Mr Sargent said.

“AngusPure will make a presentation on the importance of tagging and identifying the animals. Bidr (online auction platform) will discuss the online marketing of stock to avoid stress.

“Go-Stock will talk about funding available for new opportunities for farmers.”

The day starts at 10am and concludes at 1pm with a beef sandwich lunch, courtesy of the Alliance Group, to finish.

If anyone has any inquiries, contact Guy Sargent on 027 443 7658.

BEEF DAY: The latest in information around increasing the earning power of beef will be held at Whangara Angus on May 17, organised by AngusPure and B+LNZ. Picture by Louise Savage