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‘This is not a rubbish dump’

This morning Des Watson picked up more than 100 “rotten” nappies from the Makorori Hill lookout.

There were bread bags filled with them, some so old the plastic was brittle, he said.

On a live video posted on Facebook this morning, Des showed plastic bags filled with dirty nappies caught in tree branches after they were hurled from car windows near the lookout on Makorori Hill, which links Gisborne to the East Coast.

“It was gross.”

Des said he felt like making a sign, “This is a beautiful spot, not a rubbish dump”.

“That is what I feel needs to happen. We need to make people more responsible for what they are doing.

“And they have obviously got kids. What kind of future are you leaving your kids if we all did this?”

Des has been in Gisborne for the past week as part of a national tour to clean up the country.

So far on his travels he has amassed 25 tonnes of rubbish which he takes to landfills across New Zealand.

Gisborne District Council has paid for the dumping fees in this district, and this week Des heads up State Highway 35 to clean the Coast.

While in Gisborne, Des found 400 kilograms of rubbish in the old war-time pillbox by the i-Site on Grey Street.

He knows some of the rubbish had been there for almost 40 years. He found an old aluminium Leed lemonade can, and other cans that had the triangle mouthpiece prevalent in the 1980s.

“There is rubbish in there from that long ago.

“It needs something put over the ‘windows’ so people can’t drop their rubbish in there.

“I don’t want to see it back to the same state in a couple of months time.

What gets Des the most is that the trouble spots where he picks up rubbish usually have rubbish bins very close.

“Why don’t some people use these? It is absolutely shocking behaviour and there is no need for it at all.”

Anyone who would like to support Des with his endeavour to clean up New Zealand can head to https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/kiwis-clean-aotearoa

RUINING A BEAUTIFUL SPOT: Des Watson has been in Gisborne for the past week cleaning up rubbish as part of a nationwide environmental mission. He cleared 400kg of rubbish from this old war time bunker by the i-Site on Grey Street — and some of what he found dated back to the 80s. It needs to have the openings blocked off, he said, so people can’t do it again. Picture by Paul Rickard