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Keeping Mahia clean

MAHIA man David Waihaki has picked up enough litter over the last year to fill about 200 large black rubbish bags.

Mr Waihaki said he picks up rubbish because he “cares for our beautiful home and is passionate about our environment. I do what I can where I can to help the environment and give back to mother nature.”

He lived in Mahia Peninsula for 32 years before moving to Invercargill in 2019 but moved back home in 2020.

He has been picking up rubbish for a few years now.

“In the beginning I was nervous to pick up rubbish in front of others so I was only picking up rubbish on the beach.”

“Then in August 2019, when I started to eat a vegan diet, I noticed that not many people cared about the rubbish they drove past every day, so I decided to stop and take the time to clean it up.

“Once I see rubbish it becomes a part of me. I don't blame anyone for what they do, I can only blame myself if I do nothing about it,” he said.

He is hoping to spread awareness about the problem.

“I think we can all make a difference by being mindful of the products we buy.”

Mr Waihaki said he uses a social media group called ClearTasteVibes Waste Warrior to spread awareness about rubbish and sharing the message that taking the time to stop and pick it up can create a better future for generations to come.

He also has plans to start a business of roadside rubbish removal and hopefully present to schools how everyone can reduce, reuse and recycle.

“I will never stop picking up rubbish if I see it.”

SPREADING AWARENESS: David Waihaki has filled up about 200 large black rubbish bags with rubbish from beaches, roads and everywhere in between. Pictures supplied
PICK IT UP: Mahia man David Waihaki picks up all of the rubbish he sees around the region.

  1. Phil Watson says:

    Awesome mahi David!! The environment and all of us say thanks for what you have done!

  2. Ebz says:

    Top Man Munsta 🥰 Thank you for keeping our roads, our HOME, GREEN CLEAN