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What is woman?

We all know a woman of that I am sure

Her mind it overthinks.

Her emotions are raw.

Woman stands firm

Roots thick as a tree

You will never control her

For her mind will be free.

Woman has courage

Her oceans sink deep

Her rivers run smoothly

Her mountains are steep.

A Woman brings sunshine

Hurricanes when she weeps

Carries thunder in her eyes

But a calm that ensweeps.

Woman is firm

Woman is kind

Woman will listen

Woman speaks her mind.

Woman embodies the sun and the moon

Feel the energy shift when she enters a room.

Woman holds beauty, power and pride

You can conquer the world with a woman onside.

Woman is strong.

Woman is brave.

Though some may fail to see . . .

But she is woman!

She is HER woman!

That is all that she can be.

She has fears and doubts

Like I’m sure many do

But she is woman

And through her struggles she grew.

If there’s a woman you think of when you hear this verse.

Then recite it to her.

Remind Woman of her worth.

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