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C Company – PLACE

What greets me at this unique place?

A handsome Māori warrior — pukana from his face

His brothers are beside him, kneeling in the sand

Are they really glad, to be in this strange land?

What brought them to this foreign place they’d never seen before?

Did they know they would be fighting, someone else’s war?

It was a great adventure, that all these men were seeking

The sadness in his mother’s heart, there was no time for speaking

She hugged him tight and held his hand when she knew they had to part

Until he returns she promised to hold him close to her heart

Was it really an adventure and did it meet their desire?

Climbing high cliffs in the scorching sun, to be met by relentless gunfire

Whose war was this and why are they here?

To bear the pain and withhold the fear

We have to be brave, our father said

How can we be — lying at my feet, men are all dead

I can’t help them, with gun in hand

I’m fighting for freedom in my own land

I hang my head and hold my brow, as tears flow down my face

Oh mother dear what would I give, to see you now and hold your embrace

Farewell brave warrior — did you return, to the warm arms of your mother?

Or are you in the graveside, laying close beside your brother!