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Captivated by the ocean

CAPTIVATED BY THE OCEAN: Wairoa artist Joanna Tokona is on show at Dunedin's Moray Gallery with her latest exhibition, Long Water. Pictured is Tokona's work, Washed Out, which takes Wairoa's coastline and the energy of the ocean as her inspiration. 'Wai is for water which runs free, unrestrained and salty,' writes the artist, musician and longboarder in a poetic statement. 'It is the place where a low hum resides in the gaps between waves and tides. Active, non-conforming, comforting and ever-lasting. Roa is infinite and stable. Long, slow and tall, sometimes winding, roa cannot be rushed. At times roa can be difficult to fully comprehend, as understanding it requires resilience and patience.' Picture supplied