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Rangatahi poetry competition entries


by Esme Raggett

Long ago, up on a nearby hill, there was a field of dancing daffodils.

With green grass, new leaves, and springtime air, it used to be quite pleasant, I hear.

There was a time when tuis chirped, humming birds hummed and worker bees worked.

Lambs would frolic, children would play, you don’t know how much I envy those days.

But the lambs are all gone, the children are mindless, and everything’s gone, even kindness.

The tuis' voice is hoarse from the smoke they breathed in, and the hummingbirds tired of a world full of sin.

The grass is brown, the trees are bare, and the air is riddled with poison and fear.

And now, up on a crumbling hill, stands a single, lonely daffodil.


by Pippa Keyworth

Fluffy white clouds drift

bright green weeds grow through cracks

butterflies swoop down to meet me

fairies sneak around the garden

daisies bloom like a white firework

ants dance on fingers

relaxing cool breeze

tart citrus burns my tongue


Beautiful Spring Day

by Jacqueline Wallace

All the flowers in bloom make me feel happy.

A butterfly lands on my hand.

It feels soft and gentle.

The weather gets warm and sunny and you can play outdoors.

There’s no rain to spoil your day.

What spring means to me

by Indigo Emma Ruifrok

What spring means to me is as fun as can be, we listen to the sound of the birds and the trees.

The tuis rush home to their warm cozy nest after a hard working day, needing a rest.

What spring means to me are the skies as blue as the seas, and the flowers filled with millions of bumblebees. On my tramp I love to jump high in the air, and I did a backflip as that was a dare.

Spring, spring, what it means to me.

Spring poem

by Greta Cave

Goodbye chilly, icy snow

Hello warmth it's time to grow

Goodbye cast ewes stuck in mud

Hello calves and cows chewing their cud

Goodbye soups, casseroles, stews

Hello salads and barbecues

Goodbye woollen jerseys and gumboots

Hello dresses and bathing suits

Goodbye fires forever burning

Hello daffodils, the seasons are turning


by Molly Muir

Spring, spring, all around

In the trees

On the ground

Pollen gathering,

Making me sneeze,

Flowers drifting along with the breeze.


by Holly Flyger

After harsh coldness you break through.

Rain nor hail will now stand in your way.

Appear from beneath the ground,

find other new lives are also about.

Establish your roots in the ground beneath you,

Extend yourselves and bask in the sunlight.

Make yourself strong for your future.

The season is right for you to grow.

When summer comes you will prosper

Autumn will warn of challenges you still have to face.

Then hopefully when winter threatens you again,

you have the strength to relive it.


by Alyssa Herbert

Grey skies and rainy days

Oh the clouds so far away

As the thunder and lightning lights up the sky

Another day slowly passes by

The cold crisp air pinches me tight

Just another wet rainy night

Many colours of grey and blue

Wondering when the clouds will move

And clear the sky for a clear spring day

To make all my woes fall away

The sun appears and so does the colour

Of a brand new day that isn’t winter