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Jazzing up the Palace

Gisborne's premier — and probably only — jazz collective is stepping under the lights again to treat ears to all shades of jazz this Friday at Smash Palace.

The six-piece John Mackill's Jazz Collective is bringing decades of experience to the stage to put on a finely-tuned show.

“We're doing a lot of original work as well as jazz, blues and a bit of funk,” Mackill says.

“What attracts me to jazz is it's a bit more adventurous than a lot of other types of music. There's a bit more challenge to the ears in terms of the amount of dissonance. Some of the chords are quite different and unusual.

“Whereas a blues guitar player might stick to the same 12 bars, a jazz player will be a bit more adventurous with the blues, he says.

Smash Palace owner Darryl Monteith says Gisborne must take advantage and head out to see this calibre of jazz in Gisborne.

“It's such a treat to hear this level of musicianship.”

The John Mackill Collective dips their toes in all flavours of jazz and even outside of it.

Next month the collective will join Gisborne Civic Orchestra for a classical and jazz medley at the Holy Trinity Church Hall on August 15.

But for this week, they are keeping the tunes in the industrial zone at Smash Palace.

John Mackill's Jazz Collective Smash Palace, Friday, July 16, 8pm. Free entry.

JAZZ MAN: John Mackill's Jazz Collective are playing at Smash Palace this Friday. Picture by John Flatt, Lightseeker Photography