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From hobby to side hustle

Behind the coffee machine at Peel St Cafe is not just a quality barista but also a talented artist.

By day Jordan Robertson makes coffee to fuel the city but in her downtime she creates the art that decorates the cafe walls.

“I have been painting my whole life as a hobby. In high school I really got into it. I’ve always done it in my spare time for something to do,” Jordan says.

Each piece takes around 12 hours to finish.

“I wasn’t trying to sell them. It’s just an outlet for me.

“Then I asked the boss if I could put some pieces up and he said, ‘go for it’.

“There’s been a lot of interest which is awesome. I’ve got a few commission pieces to do from customers that have come in.”

Each pattern has no specific focus, Jordan says. Instead, the art shows itself on the canvas.

“I don’t know what I’m doing until it’s finished.

“When it comes to my art, I never put pressure on myself because I enjoy it so much. If I’m not feeling like I want to do it, I don’t.”

Making art is a form of relaxation for Jordan and it just happens the finished product is something people want to buy.

“I find it therapeutic. It is the only time I’m in my zone and not thinking about anything apart from what is on the canvas.”

Jordan is from Australia and a nod to her homeland can be seen in many of her pieces.

“With the dot work I guess there’s a bit of Aboriginal influence. It’s something I grew up admiring.”

With Jordan’s art disappearing from the walls, her boss says she will need to get busy painting.

MANDALA DAYS: Artist and barista Jordan Robertson started her art as a hobby but it is quickly taking over the walls at Peel St Cafe. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell