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Secret Impressionists — a guided tour

More than 50 previously unseen works by Impressionist artists are brought together for the first time in Art on Screen’s film, Secret Impressionists.

The film offers a guided tour through the works of Manet (a pivotal figure in the transition from realism to Impressionism), Caillebotte, Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, Signac, Sisley, Berthe Moriset and others.

The masterpieces the film engages with have never been exhibited since the Impressionists painted them.

Through an exploration of the 50 works, Secret Impressionists tells the story of the art revolution at the core of the Impressionist movement.

Previously inaccessible to the general public, the works are on display in Rome for the very first time.

The film features the Rome exhibition’s head curators, and analyses made by experts and historians.

View the trailer on YouTube at tinyurl.com/y5ngnhme

Secret Impressionists screens at the Odeon Multiplex on Sunday at 1.30pm and Wednesday at 11am.

THE MOVEMENT OF LIGHT: American Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt’s vivid 1879 oil painting, Woman with a Pearl Necklace in a Loge, captures the spirit of burgeoning modernism as stuffy figures seem to watch her from the Paris Opera House balcony, as they seem to fade into history. Cassatt unfortunately does not feature in the film Secret Impressionists. Berthe Moriset does though and her work holds its own among previously unseen masterpieces by more familiar names in the documentary, Secret Impressionists. Picture supplied