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Child delivers Covid anti-vax leaflet


A Gisborne woman was surprised to have a young girl deliver an anti-vaccination Covid-19 flyer to her late last week.

Up to 2 million of the leaflets, which are full of misleading or outright false claims about Covid-19

vaccines, are being distributed nationwide. Stuff reported on Wednesday that the Advertising Standards Authority was investigating, and had sought a response from the advertiser.

Auckland University research fellow Kate Hannah, who leads a group monitoring Covid-19 disinformation, said it was really concerning that the flyer was arriving in letter boxes about the same time as official information on the vaccine plan.

Their research suggested the people heading anti-vaccination groups were closely related to anti-1080 efforts, opposition to gun control and anti-5G: “All of these hot-button issues are interconnected,” she told Stuff.

Voices For Freedom, which produced the leaflet (and previously advertised in a magazine containing pandemic conspiracy theories), said its campaign was planned to run alongside the Government’s vaccine campaign.

The flyer claims to present “Eight important Covid-19 vaccine facts you probably haven’t heard”, which vaccinologist Associate Professor Helen Petousis-Harris says are actually eight of the most common myths about Covid-19 vaccines.

“The ‘golden rules’ of propaganda are used in the flyer — it uses emotions, creates a dichotomy between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, and avoids data and rational discussion,” she writes in an article addressing the falsehoods, that can be read at: https://tinyurl.com/bkwtumu7

A resident in Railway Lane contacted The Herald yesterday to say she was handed one of the flyers outside her gate late last week by a girl she estimated to be age 10 or younger.

“The child asked me if I would like to know about the Covid vaccine, so had probably been coached not to force it on anyone who didn’t want to receive it. Being somewhat curious, and realising this was not likely to be anything legit from the government, I said ‘yes’ and she handed it over.”

There did not seem to be an adult nearby, but she was seeing a visitor off so might have missed them.

“Pretty shameful, I thought, using little kids to distribute a pamphlet of this nature, as they could have little or no notion about the damage spreading such disinformation can do.”

  1. Aimee Milne says:

    I’ve been wondering when our local antivaxxers would start delivering these. I see Kyle Chapman, neo nazi and marae fire bomber, was heavily involved in the distribution.

    1. Jo Parsons says:

      Kyle Chapman has absolutely nothing to do with the delivery of these flyers Aimee and nor is he in any way involved in the running of Voices For Freedom.
      Continuing to spread this false information reflects badly on you. [Message to the editor – I suggest you ought to be mindful of allowing defamatory information to be published on your page.]

      1. Aimee Milne says:

        Jo. Kyle Chapman is involved with Voices for Freedom and he’s definitely involved with the distribution of these pamphlets in NZ. It’s all public on his FB page and others. It’s hardly a well kept secret.

        1. Jen Brown says:

          I don’t know who he is but for some reason Aimee tries to link him to every movement she disagrees with.
          Kyle whoever has nothing to do with VfF.

      2. Aimee Milne says:

        Oh please. The anti-vax movement are publicly defaming themselves. See the links I shared in a previous comment. It’s all over the news and their FB pages. I can provide more links if you want?

        1. Jen Brown says:

          So he is a supporter of the movement and a supporter of Sue Grey’s. I will say it again, Kyle is not part of the Voices for Freedom team. I know who all the coordinators are and he is not one of them.
          Left wing. Right Wing. Wings of the same vulture IMO.
          Most of us are mothers and very likely left wing supporters at one stage. Don’t worry too much about the “right wing” narrative. It’s just another way to divide us.

      3. Sam Thompson, Bay of Plenty says:

        Hi Jo, I understand you are involved with VFF and the flyer drop. Have you thought to inquire who is funding VFF and why they may have interests in doing so? Doing the research also involves looking into who you are supporting. Voices for Freedom may appear to be a group of smiling mums fighting for you but the reality of who is behind their movement is anything but benign.
        Dig a little deeper and you may find yourself asking if you really want to be affiliated with such people.

  2. Anke Richter, Christchurch says:

    I heard of a local primary school teacher dropping them into letter boxes on Fox St. Please check it out!

    1. Jen Brown says:

      The flyers are being distributed by a range of professionals and non-professionals. People from all walks of life. All have concerns about the covid vaccine roll out and coercive tactics being used. I’m right here if you want to “check it out”.

  3. Mel Payne says:

    Should people just blindly believe everything they are told? Are humans capable of using their own thought and logical analogy of any given situation any more?
    Years ago when there was meningococcal going around my son had the vaccine at school, then 2 weeks later was in hospital with the virus. This definitely raised me to fully question and research all that pharmaceutical companies are trying to push into our bodies.
    Or are we just meant to obey and believe whatever authority may be saying, even if they constantly contradict themselves and don’t even follow their own advice?

    1. Lara says:

      As I understand it, meningitis is a completely different beast to Covid 19.
      My son was also exposed to meningitis while at school after a vaccinated friend of his caught meningitis. Luckily my child remained well that time!
      There are at least 14 different strains of meningitis I believe and only some can be vaccinated against.
      Don’t conflate Covid 19 and SARS viruses with Meningococcal ones.

  4. Jen Brown says:

    This “child” you are reporting about is a teenage girl who was distributing flyers not far from her mum. A teenager. Not a child.
    In general, it is children that distribute a majority of our letterbox drops.

    1. Jen Brown says:

      You are confused. You are talking about the Real News magazine that he was involved in. I’ll say it again, he is not involved in our 2 million Voices for Freedom flyer drop. Voices for Freedom shares facts that can be verified on MoH website.

      1. Aimee Milne says:

        I’m not the one who’s confused Jen. See the screenshots provided by FACT. Clearly involved with Voices for Freedom.

      2. Aimee Milne says:

        Also, where are you grifters getting the money to distribute 2 million flyers?

      3. Jen Brown says:

        I have been informed that Kyle is not part of Real News either. Please retract that sentence. He’s just a man who supports the cause.

        1. Aimee Milne says:

          Why would I retract it? You can lie and deny but it’s all over the internet. You and your harmful movement are supported by white supremacists. What does that tell you about yourself?

  5. MummaG says:

    Me and my child delivered some – not afraid of balanced information. If you didn’t want to read it, bin it. If you want to tell my child what they can and can’t do, please remind them to brush their teeth before bed.

    1. Lara says:

      If you are not afraid of ‘balanced information’ and you really support your cause please use your proper name so we know who you are. Don’t hide behind a nom de plume.

    2. Aimee Milne says:

      Lara is right. If you’re so proud of yourself, why hide your identity?

  6. Jen Brown says:

    Sue Grey talks to Peter Williams about her open letter to the Prime Minister and government about some serious legal and ethical concerns with the Pfizer vaccine approval and roll-out.
    Please have a listen.

      1. Jen Brown says:

        Great article. Thanks for sharing, Aimee.
        Peter Williams has similar questions to ours, like so many others. It’s a shame the media has lumped everyone into the antivax group. On a positive note, at least people will see how mainstream media lies and manipulates the truth.
        Peter Williams is THE MAN.

        1. Aimee Milne says:

          Nah, he’s just a right wing boomer who doesn’t understand basic science. Interesting that Magic Talk has been called out many times for racism. Interesting how you keep aligning with these people. You express righteousness when you should be feeling shame

  7. Darren Edwards, Hawke's Bay says:

    Everybody should just obey the government, they never get anything wrong. Likewise, we should trust Aimee without any hesitation, I’m sure her political views never impact her ability to think critically. She is probably the smartest person in New Zealand, if not the world.