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Examples of other vaccine mandates


With the Government announcing this week that most of our health, disability and education workforces will need to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and last week that vaccine certificates will be introduced for entry to major events and possibly hospitality venues, New Zealand has joined a growing number of countries with vaccine mandates.

Australia decided in late June to require aged-care workers to be vaccinated; Western Australia has followed up with a mandate for primary and community health workers, and all employees in mining, oil and gas exploration; Victoria requires vaccination for workers in its education sector by the end of November and has also introduced a mandate for professional athletes, associated workers and broadcasters; in New South Wales, all people working at a school or early education facility need to be vaccinated by November 8, and restrictions are being eased for people who are double-vaccinated; the Northern Territory mandates vaccinations for all workers in high-risk settings, and has said its borders will not reopen until this condition is met.

In England it will be mandatory for care home workers to be vaccinated next month and the government has said it is highly likely it will require the same for front-line health and social workers. Nightclubs and other venues that host large crowds require proof of full vaccination.

In Canada, from the end of this month, all federal employees who have not been vaccinated will be placed on unpaid leave, and vaccination will be required for workers and passengers aged 12 and over on trains, planes and ships operating domestically. Vaccination is already required for dining out and going to the cinema.

A month ago US President Joe Biden ordered all federal workers and contractors to be vaccinated, and for private employers with 100 or more workers to require staff to be vaccinated by December 8, or get tested for Covid-19 weekly. This order covers 100 million people or about two-thirds of the workforce.

France announced a mandate for its 2.7 million health, care home and fire service workforce in July, and on September 15 suspended 3000 workers who had failed to get their first jab by the required date.

Italy is going furthest, making it obligatory for all workers to show proof of either vaccination, a negative test or recent recovery from infection as of this Friday; those who fail to comply will be suspended without pay.

Greece has a mandate for nursing home staff and healthcare workers; only vaccinated customers are allowed in bars, cinemas, theatres and other closed spaces. Swiss people are required to show a Covid certificate to enter bars, restaurants and fitness centres; the Dutch need one to enter bars, restaurants, museums and theatres. Hungary has made vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers.