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Flattening the curve or flattening freedom?

Opinion Piece

Do you remember the lockdown being imposed on us, supposedly to flatten the curve?

Did you notice that the curve was flattened weeks ago and we are still in lockdown in various shapes and forms, with bizarre rules covering many aspect of our lives?

Did you notice your democracy has been whittled away under the banner of Covid?

Yes, quarantine has been used successfully in preventing the spread of certain diseases, by isolating sick, but not by quarantining perfectly healthy people!!

Around 1885, the spread of smallpox was stopped successfully in the UK by isolating sick people, initiated in Leicester, after parents refused to let any more of their kids be killed or maimed by the smallpox vaccine. You can read the fully referenced story in Dr Suzanne Humphries' book Dissolving Illusions, or check out Hilary Butler's blog beyondconformity.co.nz

Since when does a healthy population have to be put under lockdown for a flu illness that, based on NZ Ministry of Health data, has a 98 percent recovery rate? And if truth be known the other 2 percent were elderly people with multiple health conditions in aged care, some under hospice care, who were denied the loving embrace of their families and their caregivers and were transferred to hospitals to be greeted by doctors/nurses dressed in PPE.

These precious, dear souls died alone so that the Government could justify its draconian lockdown and make up a mortality rate for the World Health Organisation's phony statistics. According to the MoH, some of these patients were not even tested for Covid and some had indeed tested negative, yet their deaths were put down to Covid!

I hope and pray that New Zealand people will soon wake up from the Covid-induced coma, before it is too late and they wake up in a surveillance society with no democracy and no freedom.

There are plenty of independent doctors, immunologists, epidemiologists, professors, scientists and journalists who have debunked all the lies associated with Covid and the lockdowns. They base their opinions on real data and evidence, not on terror-inducing computer models, conjured up by conflicted scientists, which have been proven gravely wrong.

One last thing; notice how they locked down the whole nation on some precautionary principle to save lives, but when it comes to 5G all precautions are thrown to the wind and the Government, while we were under the lockdown, hastened the spread of this dangerous technology all over NZ? The health effects of these millimetre waves are well known. In some high frequencies, these radiations cause respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses and cognitive issues, etc.

Once the 5G goes live with these high frequencies and our young and old show some of these serious health issues, do you think the Government will take 5G masts down, or will it sweep it under the carpet of Covid?

Please do research 5G, listen to independent scientists, read peer-reviewed scientific papers warning us about the huge health dangers of 5G in high frequencies.

Those telco technical experts paraded on TV and MSM are not going to tell you the truth about 5G and its health effects, that in certain frequencies will make Covid look like child's play! Ask your Government to apply the same level of precautionary principles to 5G now! Not locking you down in your houses with your 5G modems, but rather removing those 5G towers, ending telco permission to use dangerous, high-frequency mm waves and limiting the permitted power intensity of communication waves to building biology safety guidelines (10,000 times less than what our Government allows at present)!

Simin Williams

  1. Martin Hanson, Nelson says:

    If Simin Williams (May 27) is against vaccination in principle, I beg to differ; the principle of vaccine-induced immunity is rock solid, though not without occasional serious mishaps. As proof of its effectiveness, I quote the eradication of African and Asian cattle disease rinderpest by a programme of mass vaccination in the 1990s.
    That doesn’t mean there is no cause for concern. The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars from vaccines and it would be naïve to suppose that ‘Big Pharma’, with its extensive financial links to governments (particularly the US government) and the World Health Organisation, would resist the temptation to use its leverage to persuade governments to legislate to make vaccination mandatory, even when not medically important.
    And Covid-19 has provided a perfect opportunity. Governments have been stoking fear of the virus far beyond what is medically justified, and the totalitarian methods employed by some imply that the influence of the pharmaceutical industry extends to the heart of government in a considerable number of countries.
    That said, I believe there may be even deeper and more sinister strata to this issue, on which I could elaborate if the editor were to give me the go-ahead.

    1. S. Williams says:

      I can’t imagine any intelligent person would inject this stuff either to themselves or their children:
      Dangerous nano-particles contaminating many vaccines: groundbreaking study
      by Jon Rappoport

    2. S. Williams says:

      You may like to investigate further:
      Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated—Part 10
      By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense
      The most recent slides in the Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated series reveal that vaccination before one year of age led to significantly increased odds of medical diagnoses for developmental delays, asthma, ear infections, and when additional time was permitted for diagnosis, gastrointestinal disorders.
      I have now posted over 60 vaccinated/unvaccinated studies on this site. All of them show dramatically better health in unvaccinated children. We have found no studies that show superior health outcomes in vaccinated children.

  2. Mathew Bannister says:

    I disagree with a number of points in this column but it is difficult to know where to begin. It would be easy to dismiss the column as being prepared by the tin foil hat brigade, however there is place for discourse.
    To quote that the disease has a recovery rate of 98 percent is based on the experience only in New Zealand which has achieved this due to the controls that were established while there was still time.
    To take a position that only the sick should be isolated is 100 percent correct but while the disease and its signs are still being discovered, how does a person tell the sick from the well? The choice to restrict the many for the benefit of the few has placed New Zealand in a good position socially and now the economic bill is to be tallied.
    Now let’s roll non-ionizing radiation into the discussion.
    5G is not the highest frequency of radiation we are daily exposed to. That would be UV, which is a known carcinogen.
    There are always people who seek to make a name and money from being a person who speaks the “truth” and has completed their own research. This is a similar approach to many across the USA who are causing their nation to pay a terrible toll in lives and economic damage.
    The way I see it, I trust the scientific community, I trust the science and I trust our elected representatives to represent all our interests.

    1. Esther Hankinson, Hawke's Bay says:

      Mathew, are you aware that the CDC in the States has just recently reported the IFR, or infected fatality rate, to be 0.24%? This is the same as a bad flu season. Are you also aware that WHO put out a paper last year stating that there was not enough evidence to support social distancing as a measure in slowing down the spread of the flu, and that there is no scientific evidence that quarantining the healthy is an effective means of dealing with a virus? Are you also aware that Japan has had a better outcome than NZ, without a hard lockdown? Are you also aware that in the US, states that didn’t lock down fared much better than those that did? Are you also aware that with every point that unemployment rises, that suicide follows it point for point? Based on the tens of thousands who have now lost their jobs, not because of the virus, but because of the government’s disproportionate response to it, NZ will see far more deaths due to despair than those who succumbed to the virus. Unfortunately, these lives will have had far more life years available to them than the elderly who have died in NZ. This is not taking into account also the thousands of elective surgeries that were put on hold, as well as cancer screenings. There will be a very real cost in both quality and length of life, due to our health system being turned into a service prioritising Covid cases. Unfortunately, we will not have a daily accounting of these deaths, so most of NZ will remain oblivious to the very real societal and economic costs of our government’s draconian response to a virus that over 99% of those infected will recover from.

      1. Dave says:

        One comment I would like to make Esther, the people in Japan are a lot more disciplined than the average Kiwi. In Japan, no means you don’t do it – in NZ it means, I could give it a go. If you looked at the local behaviour during level 4 you would appreciate that we dodged a bullet.

    2. Clive Bibby says:

      Can’t work out how Mathew Bannister arrives at his conclusion that “the choice to restrict the many for the benefit of the few has placed NZ in a good position socially!”
      I would have thought the opposite is the case.
      Even the Government acknowledges that the price to pay for this diabolical social experiment will be borne unfairly by those who can least afford it.
      I reckon it will become, for many, their own version of hell.
      If we escape this without a lurch into anarchy we will be lucky.
      Socially acceptable – don’t think so!

      1. S. Williams says:

        Well said Mr Bibby; “for the benefit of the few” only makes sense if the few are those who made a tonne of money by their fear-mongering, full of false-assumptions computer models – and are still milking our Govt, and still pushing for lockdown extension.

    3. S. Williams says:

      Your ignorance re 5G, yet the audacity to comment on its safety, is truly astounding. I wrote a column in GH a while ago: http://www.gisborneherald.co.nz/opinion/column/20191116/no-to-being-5g-radiation-lab-rats/ explaining in details how you can’t compare pulsated, modulated waves to the sun rays! You can also go and read or listen to eminent, independent scientists and published scientific papers regarding the adverse health effects of these non-ionizing radiations.
      Regarding the recovery rate, this coronavirus is not that different from the previous ones. By the time the rest of the people who are still “recovering” “in isolation” are added, the recovery rate will be well above 98 percent. And if the cause of those deaths which were put to Covid would be re-examined by a coroner, their death could be put to true cause, like cancer, stroke, heart attack, old age, stress of being removed from their families and caregivers, etc. This would further push the recovery rate to well above 99.9 percent. And this doesn’t just apply to NZ. You may like to read: New estimate by CDC reduces COVID-19 death rate to just 0.26% (IFR) from WHO’s 3.4% (CFR)

      Regarding your question: “how does a person tell the sick from the well?” Have you ever had a cold or flu or seen someone with it? And those who have any coronavirus and are not sick (good natural immunity) are no danger to others, Zilch! Read A Study on Infectivity of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Carriers: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32405162 which shows ZERO RATE of infection by asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers. So preventing grandparents to get a loving (immune-boosting) hug from their grandchildren is based on lies, rather than science.
      Only a fool would equate vested-interests, captured regulatory bodies and PR men and hearsay to real science based on data and evidence and real, independent scientists who are speaking up re 5G and Corona. May God bless them all.

    4. S. Williams says:

      Your comment: “The choice to restrict the many for the benefit of the few” is beyond the pale. Do you know how many people in NZ lose a limb due to diabetes every year? More than 1000 last time I checked. How many die due to obesity or alcohol-related health problems? Do you think the Government will take all those sugary drinks or alcohol off the shelves to protect people’s health? No, not even a sugar tax! Do you know how many die or get injured by car accidents every year? Or by horse-riding or by skiing? And closer to the Covid virus argument, how many people die every year in NZ from respiratory illnesses, from pneumonia, from asthma? From influenza? Why don’t we go to lockdown every year during flu season?
      Why this Govt never used even a fraction of the money it spent on lockdown to make sure no Kiwi kid is brought up in a damp house?
      Why instead of throwing billions away to enforce a lockdown, and in the process ruining so many lives, livelihoods, businesses, social fabric of our society, it doesn’t invest in lifting people out of poverty, helping businesses, create affordable houses, etc.?

  3. Martin Hanson, Nelson says:

    Mathew Bannister trusts the scientific community, trusts the science and trusts our elected representatives to represent all our interests. Fine, and so would the rest of us, provided we have access to other shades of scientific opinion. But this is not so. Recently, YouTube took down a video of an epidemiologist criticising lockdowns. Dr Knut M. Wittkowski, the former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University, is but the most recent example of media censorship. YouTube claimed that the video, which had more than 1.3 million views, “violated the company’s community standards”.
    Evidently “the science” should be trusted only so long as it conforms to government policy, and alternative views, even when expressed by a distinguished epidemiologist, should be disregarded.
    Even in New Zealand, it appears that diversity of thought is not to be encouraged; eyebrows were raised when, as widely reported, Jacinda Ardern said that “we will continue to be your single source of truth”. Is the Government the Ministry of Truth?
    Just because we trade with China, it doesn’t mean we have to emulate their totalitarian intolerance of dissent.

    1. S. Williams says:

      Eloquently said Mr Hanson. I listened to that interview and quite a few more from distinguished scientists, epidemiologists, immunologists, censored by mainstream media and now YouTube, Facebook, Google etc. You can still find some of these on BitChute. The one you are referring can be found here:

  4. MARY HOBBS, South Island says:

    Thank you Simin. An excellent piece from a person with courage in this very strange dystopian world. You were like a breath of fresh air.

    1. S. Williams says:

      Thank you Mary. Appreciate your feedback and support. The gravity of the situation doesn’t leave us with much choice but to seek the truth and speak the truth. I always thought the story of “emperor has no clothes”, in spite of conveying a meaningful message, was a bit of exaggeration. Now, with Covid-19 and lockdown, I know better! Even when you put facts, data, evidence in front of people, some choose to believe in a debunked narrative that was used to put a whole nation in lockdown and take away many of our freedoms and shut down our democracy. Some even cheer on the jailors and executors! They can’t see that in spite of that narrative having proven totally false, the lockdown is still continuing and surveillance society is being implemented. “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  5. Lara MEYER says:

    I invite you to put down your mobile phone, disconnect from your internet and kick your smart TV into touch if you are so worried about 5g.
    In relation to your comments about Covid-19. What about our elderly, those with underlying health issues, the minority groups, those living in poverty, people stacking shelves, feeding us and nursing us and those who are living in overcrowded conditions? Don’t they matter to you?
    Did you know that in the US and South America as I write this indigenous people, African Americans and the working poor are the ones dying? In droves. At last count about 650 Airbus plane-loads have perished from Covid-19. Imagine that.
    Your viewpoint sounds a whole lot like white middle class privilege to me.
    You mention smallpox, which decimated peoples who were unfortunate enough to come into contact with infected Europeans.
    I will vaccinate myself if it means saving the life of another person.

    1. Martin Hanson says:

      Lara, could you explain what you meant by ‘white middle class privilege’? Without an explanation, it’s nothing more than an empty slogan.

      1. Lara MEYER says:

        Hi Martin,
        I suggest you do some reading around the topic of white privilege.
        Perhaps you genuinely don’t know what it means or may not recognise it when you see it. I don’t think it is my job to try and enlighten you.
        Best of luck.

        1. Martin Hanson, Nelson says:

          There’s no question that some people are born with genetic or environmental ‘silver spoons in their mouths’, the environmental being mainly family circumstances. Re the family circumstances, there’s no doubt that relative advantage/disadvantage is not equally proportioned among different ethnic groups.
          I’m by no means saying that nothing can be done about this; it’s just that I’m not sure what. What I am sure about is that extreme differences in wealth are a social poison; one only has to look at the moral mess that the United States is in to see what happens when the pursuit of wealth dominates politics, as it does in that country. There’s plenty of research evidence to suggest that Nordic societies (eg Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands) rate higher on measures of happiness.

        2. Robert Kyles, Otago says:

          “White Privilege” is a myth. And an insult to the MANY “white” people struggling to make ends meet. You might convince me of “Middle Class Privilege” when you can show me there are no people in the “middle class” who have started life in poverty, but have worked long and hard and gained some measure of wealth that way. It’s just a slogan…

  6. Alistar McKellow says:

    1978 . . . the introduction of a novel virus into the NZ animal scene . . . Parvovirus . . . a jump across the species barrier.
    No vaccination available at the time and absolute chaos at veterinary practices as we scrambled to treat. Devastating mortality rates in the young.
    No lockdown for this disease, although isolating the young helped. It still periodically wreaks havoc, with outbreaks when vaccination is neglected.
    1984 . . . the last mass distemper outbreak in NZ, controlled by a massive vaccination programme. From 1985 to the present I have not witnessed another case of distemper, probably eradicated from NZ now due to vaccination and border control.
    Control of foot and mouth disease would be one of eradication by mass active euthanasia.
    Strict isolation, lockdown and eventually vaccination will control Covid.
    The alternative, of course, would be the mass passive euthanasia that would have occurred in our aged care facilities had the appropriate measures not been taken.
    At times like this, a conservative, scientific approach to a problem still not fully understood seems sensible.
    That is what the Government has done.

  7. Bob Hughes says:

    Good to see you have nutjobs over there too 🙂