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Unleash the power within your business

Do you often feel like you are juggling all facets of your daily life? While you are pouring your heart, mind and soul into the running of your business, it can seem as if you are forever stuck doing the “must do” office work; never quite making it to the stuff that you love doing.

Trying to be everything to everybody is getting you nowhere fast, leaving you exhausted and with very little down-time for yourself, your family, and your friends. You feel like you need another pair of hands, but now’s not quite the time to hire more staff.

Things have to change . . . but where do you start? Check out the following tips on how you can reclaim your precious time.

Step back

Stop. Breathe. Step back, and take a long hard look at things from a slightly different perspective.

Think about the role you currently play within your business and then ask yourself this question:

“How can I make positive changes within my business without having to commit more of my time and energy?”

Spend time contemplating the ways you can achieve greater efficiencies; how you can do more in less time. Consider the following:

• If there was no you, what would happen to your business?

• What measures could you put in place, that would allow you to prioritise and make the most of your time with those who matter most?

Remember your WHY

Consider your passion – and what was your reason for going into business in the first place.

• Was it the opportunity to provide you and your family with a certain level of lifestyle or comfort?

• Was it to be your own boss and to be able to make your own decisions?

• Was it to work hard and to be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours whenever and wherever you wanted?

Start a list of everything in your business that takes you away from your WHY.

Commit purposeful time, seeking input from mentors, experts and advisers on how to reduce the list.

Revisit your success plan

Never underestimate the importance of having a plan for success. Like all things, it evolves and requires attention. Take a step back, allow yourself to visualise the pathway ahead and ask:

• Are you achieving the goals and objectives that you originally put in place?

• Do you need to review your goals and objectives as a pathway to your new vision?

Be objective and realistic, ensuring your business plan will be able to deliver on these goals.

Developing the right systems and processes as a pathway forward

Implementing good systems and processes within your business is certainly a move in the right direction. While there may be a time element or even an initial cost involved in developing good systems, the benefits are well worth considering:

• Cost and time savings

• Improved productivity

• Better workflow management

• Greater quality control and accuracy

• Better compliance of legal obligations

• Improved reputation and professionalism.

When correct systems are put in place, the financial value, not to mention the time savings, are priceless for you and your business.

Advice you can trust

Wisely invest in an independent business adviser who will partner alongside you to gain a better understanding of your unique needs and requirements.

Working with someone who aligns well with your own personal values and beliefs is certainly a great foundation for building a solid working relationship going forward.

Jacqui Logan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and information systems manager at BDO Gisborne, working closely with clients to assess and implement information systems and reporting for their unique requirements.

See: www.bdo.nz

Jacqui Logan.