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Looking forward to wines from ‘outstanding’ year

The district's grape crop for 2021 is almost all picked, with industry experts calling this year's vintage “excellent”.

Apart from a small number of late varietals, the great bulk of the grapes have now been picked.

GisVin completed their harvest early last week, and general manager Hamish Jackson said the company was well pleased with the result.

“We've seen very good fruit, and we only got two days of rain throughout the whole of the harvest period.

“As for the likely wine quality that will come out of it, well we've just about completed the fermentation process with our early crops and the flavours in the wine are excellent,” Mr Jackson said.

“I can see this being an outstanding vintage.”

Mr Jackson said the 30 percent drop in crop tonnage in Marlborough has meant demand for grapes from places like Gisborne has been very high.

Gisborne Winegrowers chairman Mark Thompson said the crop volume or weight has been down, which he puts down to frosts in the early part of the season and some less than ideal weather over that period.

“However, the quality of the fruit produced has been quite excellent.

“All the indications are this will be an excellent season,” he said.

“I am looking forward to seeing some of our wines in bottles. “The growers seem pretty happy as well,” Mr Thompson said.

“They've been getting some good prices for their grapes.

“All that bodes well for the future of Gisborne wines.”

DONE DUSTED NEARLY: The Gisborne grape harvest has all but been completed, with just a few blocks of late varietals to come in now. Industry sources say all the indications are this will be an excellent season for Gisborne wines. Pictures by Liam Clayton