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Nissan turns out new Leaf

Last September Nissan whipped the covers of its new Leaf EV. All we knew at the time was that it would come here in 2019 ‘‘on evaluation’’.

Nissan has since confirmed that the Leaf will hit New Zealand shores. No word yet on the specifics of when they’ll arrive, or obviously how much they’ll cost. All the company has revealed is that Europe will get their share of the new EV first and the rest of us will get them after that.

“The launch in so many markets shows our commitment to playing a leading role in electrification in this dynamic region, and to delivering the future of mobility to the region now,” said Yutaka Sanada, Nissan’s regional senior vice president.

The Leaf will walk into an interesting pool of rivals.

The Hyundai Ionic comfortably topped last year’s EV numbers in New Zealand at 206. The next-best sellers were both Teslas (Model S and Model Xs), with the BMW i3 next.

As the EV game transitions from early adopters to the mainstream (and as charging infrastructure improves nationwide), cars like the Leaf should become a more common sight on local showroom floors.