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Guessing games

The death of the Aussie four-door sedan still hurts but in its wake, V8 fans on either side of the ditch can buy America’s two most well-known pony cars in right-hand drive — the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro.

The Mustang has been available for several years but the Camaro’s introduction to Australasia was only confirmed in August, with confirmation of the Silverado pick-up truck and the new Holden Colorado SportsCat by HSV.

Now we are a step closer to knowing the prices.

A supposed leak has occurred through a dealer site.

The Camaro (in the 2SS model trim, the only model planned to be sold here) has a leaked price of AU$90,000. That’s nearly twice the Aussie price of the comparable Ford Mustang GT.

The difference is that the shipment of Camaros is in limited number, something that will affect the bottom line when they hit showroooms.

That translates to nearly NZ$100,000. A lot, but not too far removed from what you would pay for a VF Commodore-based V8 HSV product as the last ones get snapped up.

The Silverado is claimed to be priced at AU$130,000 (converted, that’s NZ$142,000).

Then there’s the SportsCat and SportsCat+ (pictured), a pair of hotted-up utes. Reported leaked prices are AU$65,000 and AU$72,000 (converted, NZ$71,000 and NZ$79,000).

Things like on-road costs may not be included in those figures.

But, as ute sales continue to shape the New Zealand motoring market, and lovers of high-powered rear-wheel-drive machines mourn the loss of Australian manufacturing, the chatter around these new models is only going to rise and rise.