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Foton goes auto

FOTON has announced an eagerly-awaited development with the arrival of the Foton Tunland automatic models that feature the highly-regarded ZF six-speed transmission.

Available now for all double-cab models, the option of an automatic is a major boost for the Chinese company that continues to progress in this country.

The ZF transmission features ASIS (adaptive shifting strategy) that allows the transmission to analyse an individual driving style and the driving situation, automatically determining the correct gear for the conditions.

By driving in the right gear, significant potentials for saving fuel are created. ASIS also initiates the appropriate shifting moment to further reduce fuel consumption and to create a smooth, comfortable ride.

Drivers experience a transmission that permanently reacts to the driving situation, whether it is easy cruising or high-speed passing. The ZF masters the shift every time.

The automatic Tunland boasts the ZF second generation automatic transmission (6HP21) that combines agility and driving dynamics with comfort.

It allows the engine to spend more time at its maximum operating speed while reducing the impact of a gear change, reducing lurch between changes.

Shifts are made beneath the level of human perception in fewer than 100 milliseconds, resulting in significantly uninterrupted power delivery.

When the ZF transmission is coupled with the Cummins 2.8 litre ISF engine, driveability is enhanced with livelier and more refined performance and gear shifts that are incredibly smooth.

The ZF provides drivers the reassurance of a quality, class-leading six-speed automatic.

Introducing this transmission carries on a successful Foton policy of making use of high- quality manufacturers for their component parts.

The Cummins engine is probably the best example but far from the only one.

German company ZF fall right into this category. They are a global leader in drive-line and chassis technology.

They have supplied many vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Aston Martin, Land Rover, Range Rover and others.

The company also makes automatic and manual transmissions for aircraft and marine vessels.

The arrival of the automatic Tunland is the best possible Christmas present for Enterprise Motor Group and comes at the same time as the company has moved to a centrally-placed new yard on the intersection of Gladstone Road and Roebuck Road.

A strong majority of ute sales are now automatics, so Foton is adding a major string to its bow at the right time.