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Nga manaakitanga

Opinion Piece

Re: Prayers of a nation were answered, May 21 column.

Dear Mary,

Thank you for your testimony and rich, lived life experiences. The world we live in today is secular, rationalistic and less inclined to follow previously strongly-held beliefs in God. Threats to human existence are seen by many to be caused by human error and recklessness rather than by acts of God.

Yet something beyond the ordinary and mundane is happening in the midst of Covid-19. Our leader is wise, insightful and compassionate; she unites rather than divides us. These are God-given talents supposedly absent by default in a world driven and ruled over by humans. Or is it?

May our reawakened spirit and sense of national unity continue, let the ongoing acts of kindness and compassion be our guide, and may all that is decent and good flourish and prosper now and beyond Covid-19.

Nga manaakitanga (Blessings)

Wally Te Ua