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Majority support required

Opinion Piece

I learned recently that DHBs are asked to consider the priority which should be given to patients who are morbidly obese, or over 70 years of age.

I suppose I could accept that scarce medical resources are best applied to people likely to fully recover and be a productive citizen, IF I had the choice to end my life quickly and painlessly.

Yes, voluntary euthanasia — able to be chosen by any mentally-competent adult.

Why should I be condemned to suffer a slow and painful death, if I don't meet the very limited criteria of the End of Life Choice Act? Only a terminal illness, my foot! What about heart failure? Motor Neurone Disease — a ghastly death as the person drowns in their own body fluids.

Despite having been passed by Parliament, assisted dying is not yet legal, and won't be unless a majority of people who vote in the referendum to be held at the next general election tick the box that says: “Yes, I want the End of Life Choice Act to come into force.” Us over-70s had better start sharpening our minds about this.

Dianne Cooper, Waikanae

  1. Ann David, Waikanae says:

    Actually, there’s a website you can go to to find out about the eligibility criteria and the process – http://www.referendum.govt.nz And it’s true that the eligibility criteria we’ll be voting on are very limited. Just how limited, the NZ population will find out after the Act is approved at the referendum on 19 September. I think people will then regret they didn’t take a greater interest in the passing of the legislation at the time.