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It’s a ‘great’ attractor

Opinion Piece

If you are looking for something educational, to “get your head around”, during any period of isolation you might be enduring, try this:

Rhett Herman, a physics professor at Radford University in Virginia, writing on the Scientific American website tells us:

“The galaxies in our neighborhood are also rushing at a speed of nearly 1000 kilometers per second towards a structure called the Great Attractor, a region of space roughly 150 million light years (one light year is about six trillion miles) away from us. This Great Attractor, having a mass 100 quadrillion times greater than our sun and a span of 500 million light years, is made of both the visible matter that we can see along with the so-called dark matter that we cannot see.”

Ron Taylor

  1. Judith Collie, Qld says:

    Thanks Ron Taylor, you have given me something apart from Covid-19 to think about. Having googled the Great Attractor am even more confused than ever, but thanks to you I am diverted from my original concerns lol.