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Lost faith due to flight

Opinion Piece

I have just burned my 49 scrapbooks containing Bob Hughes' letters to the paper in the incinerator, and withdrawn my letter to Jacinda Ardern requesting a knighthood for Bob because, just like the Collosus of Rhodes, his monumental reputation has collapsed.

Bob told us he had flown to the other side of the world and back — burning up a million litres of fuel, creating pollution and bringing forward doomsday for us all. Now, Bob, you have the audacity to continue your repetitive rhetoric on global warming after we have lost all faith in you. So, please desist.

From your old mate of 1960 and the Cobham School Committee.

Graham Gibson

  1. Bob Hughes says:

    First, I feel humbled that Graham Gibson should remind me I am complicit in bringing doomsday forward, in flying to the other side of the world and the many other things he didn’t mention.
    Honestly, I feel the guilt for my complicity, and have already admitted this and apologised here. It will be somewhere in Graham’s 49 now incinerated scrapbooks.
    But the withdrawal of his request for my knighthood does not perturb me at all. I’ve known for yonks that delivering bad news, no matter how true, is never popular —especially with the elite.
    I am sorry about global warming and the effects we must suffer, and I am sorry so many will not listen to my messages.
    Finally, I take Graham’s comment that I have audacity as a compliment. Cambridge dictionary: Audacity: courage or confidence of a kind that others find shocking and rude.
    I want people to be shocked. An awakening will be rude.
    To those like Graham who have not already awakened, keep those bullets coming until shooting the messenger is no longer the game.

  2. Kevin Hester, Rakino Island says:

    Bravo Bob, welcome to the club of assassinated messengers.

  3. Alistar McKellow says:

    Bob is attacked while as a nation we promote tourism and want it to increase so we can all be better off financially from its spin off.
    What hypocrisy.
    We promote economic growth to further enrich ourselves at the expense of the planet.

  4. D Arthur says:

    Keep going Bob – you are better informed than any of your critics. (I also was a bit surprised about your trip to England, but presume that you didn’t take a private jet, so contributed a very small amount of the pollution on a flight which was going anyway – you have offset more than that!)