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Life normal here, elsewhere? Looks like convergence

Opinion Piece

I awake each morning thankful that I live in New Zealand. Life goes on pretty much as normal, more or less. I see calls for the council to declare a climate emergncy, news a group is ramping up the idea we should teach climate change in schools to the younger, impressionable children, or that another conference is required to gain consensus on climate change.

Nothing momentus changes in my part of the world. That doesn't hold true, however, for about two-thirds of the rest of the world.

There is social unrest, protest that becomes increasingly violent and harms the average citizen. There is extreme conflict between nations, and governments warring with their own people. I watch as so many people become uprooted with nowhere to call home. Then I have watched with horror and heartbreak the fires in Australia, the dust storm over NSW, heavy rain and hail elsewhere. At this point I say a prayer. On top of all this we have had floods, drought, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, one even in “God's own” NZ.

Gosh, I haven't been watching over years as the events would suggest, just months. Convergence, I think, is what it is called. Add to all that the human misery.

Climate has surely changed but signing agreements, eating less meat and listening to 16-year-old ambassadors is not going to bring needed changes to the world, where we can provide a society for them to grow and play their part.

I will continue to watch council decisions, read the papers, pick up my litter, live without plastic bags and straws, and ride my bike, but I fear those who have wrought these events will not change a thing to improve people's lot. I for one will lift my eyes to the Heavens.

Anne Bauld