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A victim and perpetrator of climate change

Opinion Piece

I shall probably be labelled a curmudgeonly old so-and-so, but am I the only one wondering about the enormous amount of donations being canvassed for the Australian bushfires?

Of course it has been a terrible experience for those involved, and for us all to see. But a few things disturb me.

For a start, I am cynical about the rush by celebrities and sportspeople to contribute. It appears to me more an exercise in grandstanding, and fear of being shamed if they do not join in.

Watching Serena Willams' reaction to journalists' questions seemed to prove the point. She obviously had not really thought of it, and then came up with the great idea of auctioning her playing outfit (autographed of course). Whoopee, that will cost her exactly nothing!

More to the point is the justice of all this. Australia is, by world standards, an enormously wealthy, Westernised country, with huge resources. It is not called “the lucky country” for nothing.

Yes, they are probably, at least in part, victims of climate change. But, as many Australians themselves seem to be recognising, their record on this (or at least their government's) is not the greatest, particularly in burning and exporting coal. (When they claim to only have 1.3 percent of world CO2 emissions, do they take into account what they export to China, one of the biggest emittors?)

But what of other countries suffering from climate change? What of the island nations disappearing under rising seas, or African and other countries with evermore failing rainfall?

These effects are long-term, arguably much worse, and they are in no position to cope.

Where are the “Givealittle” pages for them?

Perhaps we need to think before indulging in emotive, and some might say hypocritical, responses.

Geoff Cobb

  1. Judith Collie, Qld says:

    Well Geoff Cobb, you did get something right in your letter. You are a curmudgeonly old ‘so and so’. There are other titles you could lay claim to such as small-minded, petty, churlish and cantankerous to mention just a few. To say it ‘has’ been a terrible experience for those involved is understating it; the experience is still ongoing with nearly a billion native animals perishing, to say nothing of the human lives lost.
    The cost to the “lucky country” to recover from this “terrible experience” will be enormous and every donation made will be much needed, whether it is a young child holding a lemonade stand on their front lawn, or celebrities giving large amounts, it is all relative don’t you think?
    To compare this catastrophe with third world countries, who over the years have received millions of dollars from developed countries, who have children sponsored, and who in their time of disasters do receive assistance, is cynical to say the least.
    I can’t see anything hypocritical or emotive about the responses from around the world to this tragedy. People are giving what they can, small or large, what is hypocritical about that?

    1. Hone says:

      As climate change alias global warming is further foisted upon “humanity”, the ability of humans to think rationally deteriorates rapidly. What terrible burdens are being forced on to New Zealand farmers in the name of “climate change”, forcing them into further debt with calculatedly stubborn banks/lenders, with impossible goals like net zero carbon etc (banks will soon foreclose and get free farms to sell offshore). Wake up you farmers! The blind leading the blind will both fall into the pit. Sadly the now fastest-growing religion of “climate change” has many fervent, dogmatic, deluded converts. Our schoolchildren are being brainwashed into the United Nations’ pre-planned agenda 21/agenda 30 by wiles and deception (see agenda 21 and 30 written into UN statutes). This has been afoot for sometime.
      So, what’s the point of saying anything? Well, good ole NZ has been changing rapidly at the expense of the many, into something many people don’t find palatable. We stand divided with the UN, China’s political/economic influence is becoming more obvious/open, as is the grovelling of all the major/most minor parties to China and other offshore interests – and this is accelerating at frightening speed.
      There’s one political party, New Conservative, that seems like the “good old days” (I’m not a member, I simply took time to read their rational, common sense NZ agenda) – which is where we need to get back to. Since 1990 the NZ population has risen approx. 45 percent, damaging/destroying the dreams of the average Kiwi.
      Hope is found not in this world but in the world to come, with the Creator God who created this world we live in. He will very soon move to destroy His Work. Despite the demonic false prophecies of the climate changers, man will not destroy earth, God will.
      “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Psalm 24:1