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Pedestrianise Peel St — ditch both sets of lights

Opinion Piece

The temporary roundabout on Peel Street has proved its efficacy; it should be made permanent. But don’t stop there. The section of Peel Street between the bridge and Gladstone Rd could be closed off to through-traffic and pedestrianised, and this would allow the other set of lights to be dispensed with too. Traffic coming over the bridge could proceed via Reads Quay or Grey Street. Access to businesses in the cul de sac could be permitted from Gladstone Road.Pedestrian crossings, painted red or black/white stripes, at the junctions at both ends of that section of road would suffice if used intelligently by both pedestrians and drivers. It is not necessary to involve NZTA; this could be implemented by GDC at reasonable cost; how about it?Peter Wooding

  1. Bob Hughes says:

    Dear John. “Climate change zealots” stopped “and common sense restored”. I don’t get it – please explain that logic?