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‘Thank you’ from Santa

Opinion Piece

A big, big thank you to the residents of Tairawhiti for supporting Sunday’s moana-themed Christmas Parade. A special big thanks to all those who went to a great effort to put floats in the parade. Seeing the joy of the children watching made Santa’s heart very happy.

I didn’t get to meet the wonderful lady who organised this event, but my elves told me it was Lana Davy. She did an amazing job and brought so much joy to us all.

My trip from the snowy waste of the North Pole overnight was uneventful and all my reindeer behaved. It was so nice to see and feel the sun in Gisborne City. Special thanks to Santa’s helpers on the float — Poppy from Awapuni School and Cameron from St Mary’s really made my trip to Gisborne worthwhile.

Remember to clean your chimneys so Santa doesn’t get sooty on Christmas Eve. (My elves asked me to also say they love New Zealand fudge, and could I bring them some back on Christmas Day.)

So, looking forward to seeing you all next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Santa (from a very cold North Pole)