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Earlybird market a local icon that needs support

Opinion Piece

This message is from the team behind the earlybird market (formally the flea market), held every Saturday morning from 6.30am. We would like to know what we have to do to encourage people to support us, both with stalls and customers.

We have tried to get into the weekly What’s On guide, and have been told there is no room to publish it, but we are on the website. How come the new Saturday market and the church one get in? Not a whinge, just an observation.

We know we are early but as the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm”.

With the lack of stalls, we have lost a lot of customers. And at only $5 a stall, with all money raised going back to local charities, we think this is not much to ask.

As a group we don’t want to lose this local icon, but we are really struggling with the many other Saturday markets that have “sprung up”. We are a great welcoming group, and don’t mind a laugh or two. We know it has been cold and wet, but come on, help us keep this going.

Thanks Gizzy.

Tracey Schwass