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Effort continues to have a night shelter

Opinion Piece

Re: Update on night shelter.

It has been a few months since Tom Crawford and his daughter Lizz offered Oasis Church premises to provide for a night shelter for homeless people.

This has been quite a journey already spanning over 12 months, which has been further delayed by the bureaucratic process and its associated costs.

Though winter has ended for this year, it is hoped that those continuing with this endeavour will be able to see a shelter operation in place before the start of next winter.

Already faced with a $2000 bill for an official Fire Design Report, there are ongoing costs for building consent, purchase and installation of fire equipment, escape route lighting, upgrade of fire walls and the list goes on.

Having learnt lessons from Rotorua, where they were confronted with the threat of a $200,000 fine from council which forced their closure, we continue to climb our own Everest for the vulnerable members of our community.

We are saying that surely our community, who previously displayed unity over the mosque attack, can again come together to help resolve this issue which is right on our very own doorstep.

Guy Baker