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Council, DHB candidate asks the right question

Opinion Piece

Tony Robinson was right to ask “how healthy is our hospital?”

Fresh thinkers like him and Debbie Gregory are welcome to challenge for a seat on the district council.

Who else is going to future-proof this district as opposed to running it into the ground?

Tony was a courtroom lawyer.

His career involved looking after people, fighting for people.

Tony’s legal experience and knowledge means he has the skills to fully assess technical and challenging issues, identify problems, find solutions and then advocate for them.

It was Tony Robinson who fought to bring to our attention the situation with the proposed demolition of the old council chamber buildings.

Tony has shown he is not afraid to ask the hard questions and raise matters that are of public interest.

I remember he campaigned at the last election for transparency and accountability. Our council and health board could only benefit from having greater transparency and more accountability.

How can our hospital help heal our people if the hospital itself is sick?

We all know that if a workplace is not functioning well then the people there are not able to do their very best.

We need our main health provider to be performing to the highest standard if we have any chance of improving the health and wellbeing of the people of Tairawhiti.

John Woods