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Superbug threat relegated by focus on climate

Opinion Piece

With the revelation by the UK’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, that antibiotic-resistant superbugs could wipe out humanity before climate change does, how will green, left-wing, progressive, liberal, revisionist academics react to this (old) devastating news?

More windmills and solar panels? They won’t protect us. Electric vehicles and lithium batteries are as much use as a chocolate teapot.

The Amazon in flames? Forget it. Nuclear holocaust? You can forget that too. Misogyny? Racism? White supremacy? Colonialism? Hate speech? Ugh! Isms don’t cut it either.

Medical science stands a chance, one of the few sciences that humanity can rely on.

Is the world listening to this branch of science? Seems the climate change branch is sucking the oxygen and cash out of this crucial debate.

I’m old, this revelation doesn’t concern me. What will young folk do to defeat this existential threat to humanity?