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All pledged to reopen rail, so why not do it?

Opinion Piece

When it comes to rail in Gisborne, broken promises and being forgotten about seem to be the order of the day.

Ever since the first line was built out of Gisborne, which was intended to link with Auckland via Rotorua, promises have been broken by politicians — with this line being uncompleted beyond Moutohora and then wastefully closed and lifted.

More recently, before the previous election all the political parties now in Government said they wanted the line from Napier to Gisborne reopened (it was closed by storm damage in 2012). So why is the line only being reopened to Wairoa? What about Gisborne?

Are they going to surprise us all and instead relay and complete the line through to the Bay of Plenty? Unlikely. Forgotten again.

R. Jones