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Rail on way, as for those toilets . . .

Opinion Piece

Re: Get in behind your railway, April 26 letter.

Haha Phil, don’t worry yourself, Winnie has it covered. He promised last election, so what he said will happen.

PS, can GDC tell us ratepayers what it is costing us for the new toilets by the boat ramp? A big number is being bandied around — please say it ain’t true.

Steve Hirst

Footnote from GDC director of community lifelines David Wilson:

The construction cost of the amenity block is $650k. It was funded with a $572,300 grant from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund, with the council contributing the remainder.

During construction, contaminated material was discovered, resulting in costs related to the identification, testing, removal and disposal of the hydrocarbon contaminated material.

Following the remediation work, the foundations of the amenity block had to be redesigned and built at a cost of $70k.

The additional costs of contamination will be absorbed into the $3.7 million total of phase two of the inner harbour development.

Phase 2 will be complete by the beginning of October, on budget.