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Moving to the right side of history now

Opinion Piece

Re: Sestercetennial hijacked, April 9 letters.

The serial writers of both articles are well known for their right-wing, scaremongering racist views.

In the early 21st century there has been a tectonic-like global shift in the way historical issues of equity, fairness and justice are now being addressed.

We here in Aotearoa-Turanganui are part of this movement — moving on the right side of history by acknowledging our dual history, our commonalities, and shared humanity.

Tangata whenua have long been disenfranchised, dispossessed and disempowered because of cultural domination and bias by the colonial settler culture and some of their descendants. Finally, the dreams, aspirations and narratives of Maaori are now being heard and acted upon through affirmative action and common sense.

The days of picking up the scraps from under the white man’s table are well and truly over. Something to be proud of in this place we all call home.

Mene mene teksil upharsin

Wally Te Ua