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Field day at farms a great experience

Opinion Piece

I feel obligated to comment about my experience at the field day at Whangara Farms last Thursday. I had read in The Gisborne Herald that the day was open to the general public — to make sure I rang and was told, “Yes, please come and learn about the farms”.

With my wife and a friend we drove up to Whangara Farms early on Thursday morning. Upon arriving we were welcomed by the lovely people of Whangara Marae with nibbles, and entertainment from the Whangara School. This was followed by a welcome in the beautiful meeting house then a short introduction to the day’s programme.

We were put with people, 4WD vehicles and taken to several parts of the farms. The different paddocks and how they were used according to soil type and what stock was being grazed were explained.After the tour we returned to the marae for questions and to learn more about farming.

I would like to express my gratitude to Whangara Farms staff and management, the competition sponsors, Whangara School pupils and parents for the entertainment and lunches, and all the people of the marae who worked so hard preparing all the food, making us feel welcome and giving us the opportunity to be on your marae and beautiful beach.

The only disappointment of the day was on SH35. We were in the truck with a “slow down” sign south of Pa Road, where a large number of 4WD vehicles would be turning right. There were signs and a farm worker waving to oncoming traffic to slow down, which most did but several logging truck drivers obviously did not think it applied to them. We now understand the concerns people living up the Coast have about speed and safety in their neighbourhood.

Tony Dobson