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Restore Endeavour models to rightful positions

Opinion Piece

So GDC thinks “there is a lot of community consultation to take place” regarding location of the Endeavour models. There wasn’t much consultation on the removal of the previous ones!

Are they looking for a consensus on this issue; or a majority view; or would a single objector be sufficient to put the lid on it?

Turanganui a Kiwa has a long history of settlement by Pacific immigrants, and this is well-represented here, but the defining moment of this place is incontrovertibly the arrival of the Endeavour and the “first meetings”. This should have been the focus of Tuia 250 but became subsumed by other matters which, although important, were not specific to the sestercentenary.

Visitors come to Gisborne because of the Endeavour connection; they knew they were here when they saw the models at the city boundary and then in the city centre. This is where the replacements should be located.

Let’s not have any more weak excuses about the strength of the supporting poles, or the need for more consultation. The models have been recreated through the stalwart endeavours of individuals, independent of our delinquent council, and the council should now restore them to their rightful positions.

Peter Wooding