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Go the extra mile, work together

Opinion Piece

Re: Homeless dad’s plight, December 5 story.

Access to infrastructure for the homeless in Tairawhiti is appalling and the ping-pong practice between Kainga Ora and Work and Income has to stop. If you can’t press a few buttons in this era of technology to get the files you need then there is something wrong with your system.

Don’t send whanau away with a generic response — they walk out the door to hopelessness. Where is the connection in your processes and systems?

When Mr Tiwana-Morice approached Oasis Community Church (OCC) we were able to connect him to people and services that could make a difference — some known to him and others not.

A lot of services and whanau worked together, including a very good lady in a government department who was on annual leave at the time. I believe that’s all it takes; go the extra mile and work together.

Key stakeholders need to be working on this faster. OCC has a building that is compliant for meetings but not for sleeping.

Thank you for those who are supporting the cause with time, resource, practical help and karakia.

Gisborne District Council can be doing a whole lot more in this arena. I wonder if we can hold all-night meetings over autumn and winter with sentinels? I wonder if the council can be that flexible so we can be responsive to meet the need.

I believe in the recent election campaigning it was mentioned that the council could do more. That’s the human thing to do.

Lizz Crawford, Director, Oasis Community Church