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The cost of indecision

Opinion Piece

Re: the ongoing saga of the Olympic Pool upgrade.

One can but hope that when the full concept is presented to councillors early next year they will actually make a definite decision, and not “kick it down the road” as they have been doing up to now.

The main reason the projected cost of the upgrade is now close to $35 million is this attitude. The longer it takes to make a decision, the greater the cost — so please, councillors, put your big-person pants on and make one!

On another note, any progress on getting the Endeavour models installed? Last I heard there were concerns about how they were to be mounted, with a comment that a single pole may not be sufficient.

Given that we have numerous cellular installations around town that are monopole, I do not see why there is a delay in getting the models back up — and in a prominent position, not somewhere obscure.

Michael Arnaboldi