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Deep State and the impeachment circus

Opinion Piece

The impeachment circus playing out in Washington under the chairmanship of ringmaster “shifty” Adam Schiff is a classic illustration of the Deep State in operation.

Sometimes called the Administrative State or “the swamp”, the Deep State refers to those thousands of unelected bureaucrats who man the over 400 agencies operating in the capital.

Whilst politicians come and go, these government workers have a rather comfortable life in Washington, or perhaps in some beautiful ambassador’s residence abroad, untrammelled by the vagaries of the electoral system. They have come to believe that they set the policy agendas and that the President’s America First policy is a rather inconvenient nonsense to be ignored.

All of Mr Schiff’s witnesses are such people and they have all been whingeing that the President’s foreign policy has not been in tune with “the interagency”, whatever that might be.

Take the former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovich, who, on the night she learnt that she had been dismissed, said tearfully, “I was at my house” hosting a party for an anti-corruption activist. Now, the Ambassador’s residence in Kyiv is beautiful with a courtyard garden, two dining rooms, Ukrainian artefacts and original artworks displayed. But it is not Yovanovitch’s house and this tells you everything about her entitled mindset.

The American Constitution lays down clearly that it is for the President alone to decide what the country’s foreign policy is to be. If middle-ranking bureaucrats like Yovanovitch disapprove of the policy they should resign, not go whimpering to the House Intelligence Committee impeachment inquiry.

Bear in mind that former President Obama fired every Bush-appointed ambassador when he entered the Oval Office.

In essence then, this is what President Trump has had to put up with — disloyal bureaucrats who have worked against his agenda, listened in to his phone calls and leaked to the press. Grown adults with six-figure salaries and public pensions don’t like being told that they don’t run the show, and they get super depressed when they hear that there is a crisis in Foggy Bottom with empty offices and the State Department being hollowed out from within. President Trump is fighting back.

Patrick Cooper