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Limit fireworks to public displays

Opinion Piece

Like “DB”, Pat Collins and many others who are silently suffering, I do not appreciate the fireworks going on every night after November 5.

For the sake of some profit, is the volume of business worth it? It must be, from the pop-up shops that appear.

It is time for this activity to be limited to professional, controlled public displays for all to enjoy. This city gets good fireworks display coverage thanks to our two major sponsors, Walter Findlay Ltd and Jukes Carriers/Gisborne Speedway.

Many things are at risk with private fireworks activity, especially when we have dry ground conditions and high wind. There are risks to property, animals and of personal harm, as well as taxing fire service and hospital resources, and more pressure on insurance premiums.

We have come a long way since 1605.

Can Gisborne District Council outlaw private fireworks activity and make us the first city to limit fireworks to public displays? There is a petition in Parliament now to ban the public sale of fireworks, which I believe is yet to come before the law committee. If unsuccessful a nationwide petition needs to be restarted to bring this outdated, dangerous activity to an end.