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Farming is NZ's biggest emitter

Opinion Piece

Re: Misguided Feds or misguided editor? October 30 column.

I am glad this does not represent our Gisborne District Council’s position.

I think it is too late to expect 30,000ha of farmlands tagged for planting in radiata to save us, especially now that climate change conditions are causing forests to go up in smoke everywhere else.

The truth is the practice of chopping down original forests for farmland has greatly contributed to this problem. I don’t blame Kerry and others stuck with their farming business for the nasties pastoral farming has brought.

The truth remains that agriculture emissions are the biggest single NZ contributor to GHG emissions.

I add that on council matters I know not whether Kerry will vote with the majority who have said they will vote for our district declaring a climate emergency.

We’re all in this together, are we not?

Bob Hughes